CIAA 2021      

International Conference on Implementation and Application of Automata

July 19–22

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Accepted Contributions

The following submissions have been accepted for presentation at CIAA 2021:

Diana Geneva, Georgi Shopov and Stoyan Mihov Algorithms for Probabilistic and Stochastic Subsequential Failure Transducers
Cinzia Di Giusto, Laetitia Laversa and Etienne Lozes Guessing the buffer bound for k-synchronizablilty
Stefan Hoffmann State Complexity of Permutation and Related Decision Problems on Alphabetical Pattern Constraints
Andreas Maletti, Teodora Nasz, Kevin Stier and Markus Ulbricht Ambiguity Hierarchies for Weighted Tree Automata
Stefan Hoffmann The Commutative Closure of Shuffle Languages over Group Languages is Regular
Stefan Hoffmann Regularity Conditions for Iterated Shuffle on Commutative Regular Languages
Guy Arbitman, Shmuel Tomi Klein, Pierre Peterlongo and Dana Shapira Approximate Hashing for Bioinformatics
Martin Kutrib and Luca Prigioniero Boolean Kernels of Context-Free Languages
Taylor Smith and Kai Salomaa Degrees of Restriction for Two-Dimensional Automata
Su-Hyeon Kim, Hyeonseung Im and Sang-Ki Ko Efficient Enumeration of Regular Expressions for Faster Regular Expression Synthesis
Brink van der Merwe, Jacobie Mouton, Steyn van Litsenorgh and Martin Berglund Memoized Regular Expressions
Markus Holzer and Christian Rauch The Range of State Complexities of Languages Resulting from the Cascade Product -- The Unary Case
Simone Faro and Stefano Scafiti Efficient String Matching Based on a Two-Step Simulation of the Suffix Automaton